Orange Blossom & Honey Wax Sachet

Orange Blossom & Honey Wax Sachet

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An enchanting fragrance created by blending ethereal linden flowers with the first, tender blooms of an orange tree. A gentle veil of soft white flowers envelops the honeyed florals. The end result is a delightful spoonful of citrus-floral honey.

Freshen your space or impart a delightful fragrance onto delicate underthings. Pretty enough to display, our graceful sachets can be hung in closets and placed in drawers. Each petite sachet is tied with a hand-dyed silk ribbon and enclosed in a charmingly packaged box.

Ingredients: Gingko leaves, larkspur, pansies, rose petals, paraffin wax, fragrance

2.75″w x .25″d x 3.75″h (oval shape)

Box Dimensions: 3″w x .5″d x 4.5″h